About Us

Who we are

Ecolux is mainly engaged in producing a wide range of energyefficient lighting products.

Our main priority is to bring world-class solutions to the global market.
Armed with the expertise, we were successful at combining both luxury and reliability to serve the need of the everchanging market. 

Ecolux is recognized as a provider of energy efficient lighting solutions that is capable of enhancing the experience of its users. Our brand offers LED lighting in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and designs with an emphasis of reducing the environmental impact.


Because the warranty is important we have included a warranty card inside each product box
A warranty is a guarantee provided by the manufacturer of a product.
It assures you the things you buy are of good quality and don’t contain manufacturing defects.
Warranties give consumers the right to ask the manufacturer to deal with any issues
according to their terms and conditions.


Why Elecolux ?

Have your lighting products the moment you need them .
We deliver your goods to any location
of your choice within 24 hours
throughout the week.



Elecolux is characterized by the availability of 99%
of its products in warehouses and delivery within 24
hours, which helps to deliver projects on time and
reduce the error rate and the cost of transportation 
and customs imposed.